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M.Hulot Wearers: Kelly Love.

5/27/2014 08:54:00 am

I'd heard of Kelly Love through, a retailer which not only takes the risk of buying new designers, but also has an uncanny knack of bringing together the design community. Since then I have met Kelly at many a designer sale and also discovered she is a very good friend of my husband's cousins!

Here she is wearing the M.Hulot Zassen bag, teamed with pieces from her namesake label.  I always think her collection does a great job at linking the feminine and the cool and just gets better each season. I have my beady eye on her AW14 culottes and orange and indigo palette, but in the mean time I found out what makes her tick...

Favourite place in the world: India - it overloads every sense in your body - the heat, the smell of spices, the noise of the surroundings and the heart-warming people - it's more alive than any other place I have been.

Best London hangout: So many - I adore living in London and it feels so much like home! Honey & Co, The Grain Store, & The Riding House Cafe for amazing food; ECC & The Social Eating House for perfect cocktails, The Columbia Flower Markets for feeding my flower obsession and Blackheath for lazy days of reading and picnicking near home.

Last book read: The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath - beautiful and indescribably heart breaking. Am now reading A Thousand Splendid Suns. I could read all day, everyday if time allowed!

Life motto: In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take....

Today is: The end of a peaceful long weekend doing a very small amount of work and then I'll be cooking up a storm like it's sunday and watching a good film!

Leather is: The fabric I use in all collections as a contrast to the delicate printed silk pieces I produce. I love buttery soft lamb nappa's or textured cow hides in delicious colours!

Craftsmanship is: Making pieces with perfect attention to detail that will last though the years and become more beautiful in time.

My handbag contains: The Mulberry wallet that I bought at the airport on my way back to Australia for a family visit after my first store order, my Iphone that is a constant when you have your own business, Mac blush that never fails to give me a pick me up, Pawpaw cream that most Australians will tell you is a necessity and my Oyster card for running around London! 

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