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M.Hulot stockist: Triangle store.

5/23/2014 11:56:00 am

Yesterday I went to drop an order to Triangle store, our newest stockist on Hackney's Chatsworth Rd. Forming the three points of the triangle are store collaborators Tori Mullan, Mary Wagstaff and Matthew Naylor; a visual merchandiser, ceramicist and graphic designer respectively.

Carrying a selection of design and lifestyle products with fashion accessories, the store is cemented by graphic, simple styles and pops of bright colours alongside steely blues, greys and naturals.

On my first visit to the shop I was struck by the wonderful product mix but also learnt there's more to the appeal of Triangle :

Not as achingly cool or hectic as other parts of Hackney, Homerton has it's own thing going on. Importantly, there is a good balance of old and new businesses and a thriving Saturday street market...which led me to deduce- there's nothing you can't get on the Chatsworth Road!

The Triangle team regularly update the store, sometimes redecorating and remerchandising on a weekly basis. With a local and loyal customer base they realise the the importance of change in ensuring repeat custom.

On the side of small labels, the team understand the restrictions and difficulties faced. Mary spoke with me about helping one of her designers find a studio space, as well as collaborating on runs of product that would not otherwise have been possible. It's so refreshing to see a shop with a conscience!

Product knowledge
The passion of the trio instantly comes across as they tell you of pieces sourced on a trip to Holland, working with local designers met on Broadway Market and those that stood out at busy trade shows. I love a brand story, and the personal touch at Triangle ensures these stories are told.

If you find yourself in the Hackney area, be sure pay a visit to Triangle store. Currently carrying the M.Hulot Strapped Howe and Bronica triangle.


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