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A blog to fall in love with...

9/19/2012 04:29:00 pm

One of my favourite blogs is

It's a beautifully curated site featuring the stylists own photographic and styling work, as well as carefully selected posts, all in keeping with Ruth's entirely unique take on the world around her.

Ruth is based in Dublin, and even as a Londoner looking in, I cannot help but feel envious of her exploration of Ireland and its capital city. Often working with the concept store Envoy of Belfast as well as Irish fashion designers, the blog is a refreshing insight into a fashion and design scene that is new to me.

Often losing myself in the incredible imagery on offer, I was delighted to see M.Hulot featured on the sight today. Sitting alongside like-minded designers, with a focus on craftsmanship, simplicity and detail,  M.Hulot feels right at home.

A big thank you to Ruth!


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