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A hint of Summer 15 Colour.

5/14/2014 04:18:00 pm

Running your own design company often means that you have very little time to 'design' as time is taken up with general running, costing, production, marketing...the list goes on! On those days when I can actually spend time creating (and running your own business means you can create what YOU want) I literally fall in love with what I am working on, and there is nothing more joyful than selecting the colours.

Something very surprising to me has been discovering I love pink. I guess I always associated it with extreme girliness and naturally turned my back on it. But, the wonderful thing about working with leather is that is has an incredible depth of colour and pink and nude tones become something completely different, something more subtle and reminiscent of a raw unfinished skin. I was inspired by this photograph of Barbara Hepworth's studio, the faded pink artist's smock standing out, yet perfectly complementing the greys and muted tones of the rest.

Similarly to leather, ceramics always get me. Those slips, glazes and earthenware tones have such character and variation- I could stare and take them in forever. A couple of the images on the board are from an afternoon spent at the Victoria and Albert ceramics rooms which are well worth a visit.

The image of the smoking chimneys is taken from the book 'The Roma Journeys' by Joakim Eskildsen. The book saw Joakim travel to 7 different countries to document the lives of the Romas and the images are not only unique in their subject matter but also in the light and colour he captures. I often draw on this book for colour harmony and tones.

No doubt a few things will change before the new pieces are put into work, but while the thrill of the  palette is still fresh, I thought I would give you a hint and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I am.


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