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Prussia Satchel on Minna May Blog.

10/15/2012 06:22:00 pm

M.Hulot Prussia Satchel on Minna May blog.

Minna May's hand drawn type.

Minna So Tumbr

I just discovered the M.Hulot Prussia satchel was featured on illustrator Minna May's blog at the end of September. Not only is it great seeing our product as part of a selection, and how an individual perceives and curates the style, but it also opens us up to whole new world of beautiful and unique content!

I love the way Minna May blog is so minimal, but still retains a playful and relaxed edge. Her hand drawn types remind me of M.Hulot's loopy scrawl and the whole site has that 'feel good' factor that makes me want to scroll through and devour past posts.

Minna also has a personal tumblr of black and white images and words of wisdom.

Thanks Minna!


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