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Ode to Red

10/25/2012 08:09:00 pm

M.Hulot SS13- Strapped Howe and Cona Bowling bag

It has occurred to me that despite my love of all colours tonal, earthy and subtle, I have a huge obssession with the most bold and subversive of them all- RED! Collecting inspiration I cannot help being drawn to this hue; whether it's tomato, coral, pillar box or burgundy it is just so joyful and life affirming.

Whatever the shade it becomes all the more special when it's just a flash or a stripe, that shot of colour to lift a neutral and sobering base. Look out for tomato brights in our SS13 range.

Red Umbrella- 1951 Saul Leiter.

Red Umbrella- 1958 Saul Leiter.

Red Umbrella- 1960 Saul Leiter.

M.Hulot AW12- Two tone Prussia satchel and Howe clutch.

A few weeks ago as I was pondering my red obsession, I went to a screening of a new documentary 'In No Great Hurry' about the photographer Saul Leiter. Directed by Tomas Leach the film is a personal portrait of the photographer acclaimed for the way in which he captures street life in New York. It's beautifully shot and Tom has done a wonderful job portraying a man for whom life and work are deeply entwined.

Unbeknownst to me, I had already bookmarked one of Leiter's images 'Red Umbrella' in my quest for colour. Seeing the documentary opened me up to more of his work and it seems he too went through a red phase, photographing red umbrellas seen from dark cafes, taxi windows and against graffitied walls. Just beautiful!

For all you red lovers out there, check out the two tone Prussia and two tone Howe available now from M.Hulot AW12. 

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