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M.Hulot Wearers: Karin Andreasson.

4/17/2014 06:24:00 pm

This is Karin, who has her own jewellery label, Karin Andreasson. At the moment we both have a bit of a colour blocking and geometry obsession so it's always a pleasure to catch up, talk ideas and swoon over our latest palettes. Her current range features small 'connected' circles filled with coloured enamel, and a series of 'points' mapping out a triangular shape. I love that they are stand out pieces, but are so easy to wear with everyday outfits.

Karin has a bit of a collection of M.Hulot bags, but when she's running around with her children (lovely Uma featured here) she needs a small bag to keep her valuables close and the Strapped Howe fits the bill!

Have a look at some of her likes and loves below.

Favourite place in the world?
It has to be NY, have had some of my most crazy, fun, loving moments there.

Favourite London Landmark?
The Thames.

Last book read?
The Book Thief. Hard to find another book to read after that. Nothing seems quiet good enough.

Most treasured possession:
A long pendant necklace with a perfume bottle charm, that you can open... designed by my grandfather for my grandmothers 50th birthday. I used to sit in her lap opening and closing it, loving the smell of Chanel no5. It still smells of perfume.

Leather is:
Ever changing, beautiful, durable, strong-smelling.

Made in England is:
Good quality, great design, lovingly made.

My handbag contains:
Wallet, phone, diary/notebook, pens, lip balm, paracetamol, headphones, keys, antibacterial hand gel, sunglasses and more often than not, a treat!

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