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Darkroom, Lambs Conduit Street.

4/07/2014 12:00:00 pm

With ever changing pattern, crafted and colour driven pieces, curated shelves, corners plinths and wall spaces, Darkroom is surely every designers dream shop.

As they stock our Bronica clutches and Strapped Howe bags, I pretend to myself that I am 'working' whilst browsing and marvelling at what has been created in this unique space. For those that can't make it down to their bricks and mortar store, the Darkroom website does a darn fine job, with carefully created still life arrangements on blackened backdrops. Here are a few of my favourite pieces:

Darkroom Zig zag throw in orange
Own label throw sourced from a family run mill in Wales. This may end up on the Hulot bed very soon.

Georges Larondelle Brooch
Made from Ebony and Holly, I can't resist the monochrome geometry,  softened by the natural materials and crafted finish.

Eleanor Bolton wrap necklace in red
Inspired by Mondrian this colour blocked rope necklace is lovingly wrapped and stitched with thread. Perfect in it's simplicity, I would wear it with a plain black top as the main feature.

Larke Gill frames
As a sometimes glasses wearer I know how hard it is to find the right specs. These clear edge beauties are understated yet individual, and to top it all off, are made in England using age-old production methods.

Hay Tower block in Coral
2000 note pages stacked on top of each, this gives you your Darkroom buying hit without breaking the bank! It grabbed my attention in store, with it's strikingly beautiful neon design fading from dark to light.


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