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M.Hulot and Age of Reason Scarves Pop Up at Kirsten Goss.

6/19/2013 10:58:00 am

Kirsten Goss, Anna Kreeger of M.Hulot and Ali Mapletoft of Age Of Reason Scarves

Last week saw the launch of our month long showcase with Age of Reason scarves at the beautifully curated store of jeweller, Kirsten Goss, housed on the most English of London streets.

Dividing her time between her native South Africa and adopted home London, Kirsten has launched a recent addition to her signature organic styling. 'Urban Edge'  is a carefully crafted collection that draws on angled and graphic shapes, surface texture, and a minimal feel. You can see why we were drawn in! 

Age of Reason make scarves and pocket squares, Made in England, all adorned with the playful drawings of designer Ali Mapletoft. Rooted in the punk tradition, the silks are scrawled with slogans such as' Never Surrender' and often feature subversive imagery. Made pretty by the artists painterly hand and feminine colour palette they become desirable statement pieces.

United in our love of artistry, materials and colour, we would love to welcome you at our Pop Up.
Kirsten Goss London
29 Holland Street
W8 4NA
In store until Mid- July.

All images courtesay of  Lea Salomone, who kindly came along to document the collaboration.

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