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It started with a...

1/30/2013 08:12:00 am

Many years ago, long before I had any ideas to create my own bags and accessories, I came across a poster on Spitalfields Market and wanted it instantly. The poster was for a film, 'Mon Oncle,' that I had never even heard of, let alone had the pleasure of watching.

My desires were met with a firm NO from the Hulot husband, "How ridiculous to have a poster for a film you have never seen!"

I was so drawn to the bold orange and green, the stripey socks peeping from the 'too short' trousers, the swing coat silhouette, the boy's satchel, the cheeky dog and the loopy scrawl that I said nothing,  but thought "I'll just have to watch the film then."

... and so my love affair with M.Hulot began.

When deciding on a name for my line of bags, M.Hulot seemed like the perfect choice. The character's struggles with the modern and fast-moving world surrounding him, are portrayed in such a touching and endearing way, that you know it's his world that you want to be part of.

I wanted it to be the same with the accessories. In a time when the 'it' bag ruled and embellishment and hardware featured heavily I wanted to design simple styles that the wearer could connect with. This philosophy continues four seasons on.

The character Monsieur Hulot is often in my mind and the other day I was delighted to see this article on the D & AD website which talks about and illustrates the use of sound in 'Mon Oncle.' For existing fans and new devotees alike, it's a great and heart warming read (and listen).

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