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Darkroom, Bloomsbury.

3/21/2013 09:37:00 am

I remember really clearly hearing about the opening of Darkroom, in 2009, and feeling so excited.

Here was a store that finally acknowledged the affinity between fashion and interiors, championed colour in new and original way, and that positioned clean and classic design alongside ethnic and tribal product. And to set this all off- the interior was painted black!

It felt like a breath of fresh air, and after my first visit,  I was literally reeling!

Suffice to say, my love of Darkroom has continued, and so it was in October of last year that I sold them the M.Hulot Strapped Howe clutch in red, navy and green. Having arrived in store at the beginning of the week, I couldn't resist visiting, to see them sitting in my favourite colour blocked environment!

I am sure you're all Darkroom aficianados, but if you're never made the trip, or are not yet prive to this bold and unique world then do check it out...


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