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A Girls World.

11/09/2012 05:32:00 pm

by Will McBride
Sofia Coppola

Los Angeles, 1949  by Ida Wyman

Last Friday I went to the V'n'A Museum to see Bella Freud in conversation with Hadley Freeman. Such an engaging interviewee, Bella told the story of her love of men's clothing, but most specifically masculine clothing, as worn by women.

In a world with increasingly complex approaches to design, Freud remains true to her own vision.

Bella's manish style is more routed in 70s glam rock than mine, but it got me thinking about the boyish style that I am consistently drawn to.

Although not a total vintage freak, I guess my style hints at more innocent times. I am always inspired by the land girls and their necessary adoption of men's style.

I am a lover of rich corduroy, brogues and plimsols, dungarees and jumpsuits, all of which provide me with a happiness I rarely get from a dress!

Above are a few images from my pinterest board. Although not style shots, each person has  a very definite 'look';  the clothing is so simple, but tells us something of the wearer's personality.  To me, boyish clothes speak of quiet confidence and elegance, make you stand out in the crowd and often allow you to have more fun!... and I personally feel my best when dressed in this way.

Lovers of masculine style should take a look at:


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